As from Monday 14th September 


Key Stage 2 and 6th Form will return for all 5 days, Monday to Friday. This is possible because their ‘bubbles’ are each housed in separate buildings. 


Chimes children will return Tuesday to Friday, the same as this week. 

Key Stage 4 will return for 4 days Monday to Thursday and Key Stage 3 will return 4 days Tuesday to Friday. This is because they share the same building and move in the same corridors.  


Break times will be staggered, as will lunchtimes. 


For any period of time that your child is not in school, now and/or moving forward, there will be work available in a combination of ways: online learning, physical work packs and creative challenges and online lessons via Zoom. 


Dawn House School is an ‘Outstanding’ specialist school for children and young people aged 5-19 years with a severe or complex communication difficulty or Asperger’s Syndrome. Our website will tell you more about the school, its aims and objectives, what we offer our pupils and how we work to meet their special educational needs. We work to ensure every pupil achieves exceptional progress and their full potential. We enable every pupil to experience success personally, educationally and socially.

We provide our pupils with a caring but challenging education in a language focused learning environment which is stimulating safe and orderly. At our school we work to encourage effective learning by focusing on the development of good communication skills. We achieve this through the integration of education, therapy and care in a setting where all individuals are valued and motivated to meet high standards.

We believe that confidence in a school develops through knowing and understanding how it works. We work in partnership with our pupils and their families, with other schools and colleges and Local Authorities. We welcome visits from all these groups and especially parents and carers who wish to make informal visits to find out about the school and its work. To arrange a visit or to request further information about the school, please telephone 01623 795361.

Jenny McConnell

Judy Clegg 
Chair of Governors

A School of Excellence


Our approach

At Dawn House School we believe that a good school is one that offers a caring, cheerful and safe environment in which pupils and staff feel valued and are encouraged to reach their full potential and where effective learning is promoted.

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Links to our child protection policy and other policies can be found in the 'Keeping Safe' section.



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Refer a child to Dawn House School

Dawn House School is a specialist school for pupil’s aged 4-19 with speech, language and communication needs or Asperger’s Syndrome. If you think a child is right for Dawn House you can contact us or come and visit to find out why Dawn House School is great.

Telephone: 01623 795361

E-mail: enquiries@dawnhouse-ican.notts.sch.uk